Without filters, with custom characters, with interface customization, with additional features, and you can use different AI models.


. Click on the link it provides and Chat with the AI with your prompts.


We are a group dedicated to creating open dialogue models that anyone.

Load the model you want to host, head over to "Settings" and set your Horde Worker's name. AI (AI Lobotomy & Restoration Discussion) locust edition (Updated 052123) Original Rentry list (Last Updated 121322) Pygmalion Bot Prompts (Last Updated 012723) Pygmaballs booru Character Hub Bot is missing from the list Try looking through 'Compi. It&39;s pretty fair, given we have been using their GPUs for free for months, while Colab bites the cost.

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Type in dxdiag and press enter. Pygmalion 1. .

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PygmalionAI is a free and open-source conversational language model based on EleutherAI's GPT-J.


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GUYS JOIN rPygmalionai ITS RUN BY THE ACTUAL PygmalionAI rPygmalionAI Reminder that Pygmalion has an official documentation page, which should answer most of your basic questions (What is Pygmalion, where to find it, how to install it locally, how to run it on mobile, settings and parameters, etc.

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See comments for details. Hello users of other AI platforms We are Pygmalion, a censorship-free, user-friendly, and freedom of speech AI service We just want to say hello to everyone, and offer our hand in service 16. . . ai), which lets you create and chat with unfiltered characters using Pygmalion and other open-source models, NO COLABINSTALLBACKEND NEEDED It supports both desktop and mobile browsers (app coming next week). dev.

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So far, we&39;ve released a variety of language models, our current flagship ones being the chat-based Pygmalion-13B model and the instruction-based Metharme-13B model. To access Pygmalion, choose one of the following Colab links and follow the launch instructions to get started TextGen WebUI - simple CAI-like interface TavernAI - feature-rich atmospheric interface.


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When your GPU limit is up, be patient and limit yourself to 1 account.

Pygmalion AI has gained popularity for its ability to generate text and media content for social media platforms, surpassing the capabilities.

Pymalion 6B is a proof-of-concept dialogue model based on EleutherAI&39;s GPT-J-6B.